Getting Married Your Way in the Sunshine State

Florida Elopement Photographer

Elopements are becoming far more popular these days and for good reason. While in the past, elopements may have had a negative vibe surrounding them, today’s couples are eloping for different reasons.

And the biggest reason? To break from tradition and craft a wedding day centered around YOU, not centered on guests, vendors, family expectations, or age-old traditions.

As a Florida elopement photographer, I absolutely love working with couples who want to do something unique and different.

Don’t get me wrong - traditional weddings are awesome, fun, and the right option for many couples. (If you are thinking about planning a wedding and need a photographer, I can also help with that)

But if you want a day that is focused on YOU, and what’s important to you, AND having an extremely memorable, intimate day without fuss, without stress, and with your partner in crime...

(and maybe a few close friends and family members)

...then planning a Florida elopement is the perfect option. 

Preserving Your Love Story

Elopement Photographer Florida

From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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Package and Pricing Info

Options are available to have 
- Multiple photographers
- Film photography
- Super 8 wedding film
- Wedding Album

Photography packages for elopements in Florida start at just $1,000 for 3 hours.

When it comes to elopements, there are a few options you can include:

Our full package and pricing information is available on request

Use the form below to send us a message now, to see if your desired date is available, and to view our complete package and pricing details.

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"I just saw the photos, and I am in tears! Every. Single. picture is so incredible and captures us so wonderfully! We will forever treasure these images, my heart could burtst!
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!" 

"we will forever treasure these images, my heart could burst!"

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Every elopement is different. We have couples who get married at the Sarasota Courthouse first thing in the morning (which we photograph), and then have a party with family and friends later in the day. Or they'll go out to the beach for some champagne and sunset portraits.

Others may break their celebration into 2 days. Others will rent out the Ringling for a traditional (yet small) ceremony with a stunning backdrop.

We're totally flexible when it comes to elopement photography, and are happy to work with you, whatever your ideas may be. And if you need ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send us a message. We're happy to help!

Some Additional Notes

Wondering why Florida is the perfect place to plan an elopement? Whether you are a Florida native or are looking for an exotic, warm destination to plan an out-of-state elopement, the sunshine state is more magical than most people realize.

Wedding season (read: elopement season) spans from October to May. That’s most of the year when the weather is perfect. The beaches are beautiful, the temperatures are comfortable, the rain doesn’t come around much, and there’s SO MUCH to do.

If you live up north, winter is the perfect time to escape the gray and cold. Trade the blanket of snow for a blanket of white sand beaches, blue skies, and tropical, evergreen flora as the backdrop to your biggest day. 

Plus, when you elope in Florida, the state becomes a permanent piece of your history. You’ll have an excuse to visit again and again (which I’m sure you won’t complain about).

Why Should You Elope in Florida?

Elopement Photographer Florida

When getting eloped, you have the option of bypassing the need for traditional wedding vendors. You won’t need a catering company or a bartender. And you don’t need to reserve an elegant wedding venue.

With the money saved, most couples find it’s still important to hire a Florida elopement photographer to capture the magic of the day and perfectly preserve these moments for eternity. The day will come and go (as beautiful as it is), but the photos will keep the emotions and memories alive for decades to come. 

They are your lasting memento, your keepsake from your wedding day. All other wedding vendors are temporary. The food, the flowers, and the venue only last for a day. The photos last forever. 

Send me a message now to lock in your date or discuss details. Otherwise, keep reading for more inspiration and tips on planning your Florida elopement.

Why Invest in Elopement Photos

So how do elopements differ from weddings?

Weddings last the entire day (and are quite exhausting). There’s a strict schedule to follow, and there’s not a lot of time for spontaneity. 

Weddings are celebrations with more than 50 guests. And when it comes to photos, much of our time is capturing important shots with family and friends, and there’s typically not much time for romantic, intimate photos of just the two of you. 

During your wedding reception, much of your time is spent chatting with relatives and friends, even meeting people for the first time. Wedding celebrations are often focused on your guests and their experience, not necessarily your experience.

During your wedding reception, much of your time is spent chatting with relatives and friends, even meeting people for the first time. Wedding celebrations are often focused on your guests and their experience, not necessarily your experience.

With an elopement, we flip all of that on its head. YOU get to decide where you want to go, what activities you want to do during the day, and who (if anyone) is there to accompany you during it all.

Photos will be intimate. They will be candid. No posing here. No shot lists. Just authentic, in-the-moment shots of your love story unfolding; tears, laughs, butt grabs, and all. 

Crafting the Perfect Florida Elopement

So where should you get eloped in the sunshine state? Well, it all starts with a daydream. What’s most important to you?

For many people, spending time on the beach is the most important thing. If you aren’t setting up chairs or decorations, and your ceremony will only have a few people, you can get married on almost any beach in the state (setting up chairs and decor, or planning large gatherings, may require a city/county permit).

You can get married with the sand between your toes and the sun setting behind you. You can jump in the water in your wedding clothes, hold each other, and create the most magical, fun photos that showcase who YOU are.

Where to Elope in the Sunshine State?

  • Go kayaking through gorgeous mangrove tunnels
  • Paddleboard around nature preserves
  • Swim with manatees
  • Snorkel natural, blue springs
  • Go camping on an uninhabited island
  • Tie the knot at one of the many beautiful state parks around the state

But Florida elopements aren’t limited to the beach. You could…

Or, if outdoor adventure isn’t necessarily your thing, you could…

  • Rent an Airbnb on the beach or surrounded by nature, and craft a beautiful ceremony
  • Rent a boat, charter a sailboat, or reserve a party yacht to enjoy the sunset on the water
  • Take a half-day boat tour to an uninhabited island, get married on the beach in solitude, and be back on the mainland in time for a romantic dinner
  • Go to Disney World
  • Rent out a few rooms at a resort on the beach and enjoy the day with friends and family
  • Get married at the courthouse for $30 and do something fun afterward

These ideas barely scratch the surface of your Florida elopement. Here’s my full list of elopement ideas and locations, as well as a few tips for planning. 

I offer elopement photography all over Florida, though most of my shoots are in Southwest Florida (spanning from Tampa down to Fort Myers). Anna Maria Island, Siesta Key, Sarasota, and St Pete are some of my favorite locations, but I’m always hoping to meet couples who want to elope in unique destinations. 

I like to create affordable elopement photography packages, perfectly in line with couples looking to save money by not hosting a traditional wedding. Packages start at $1,000 and include up to 3 hours of coverage at one or multiple locations. Your elopement photography session is completely customizable as far as the length of time, number of locations, and number of guests. 

Send me a message above so we can start talking details and I can send you a more specific quote. Let’s lock in your elopement date and start planning your photography session with one of the best elopement photographer options in Florida.

Elopement Photographers Near Me

How Does Elopement Photography Work?

1. Consultation
Use the button above to fill out a super quick form, which provides me with enough information to get started. Be as detailed as you can. I’ll respond within 48 hours by text or email.

We can chat and plan the day however you feel most comfortable - text, email, phone call, FaceTime, or in-person if you’re local. You can share with me your ideas and hopes for the day, and any plans you might want to include.

Or, if you need recommendations as far as dates, locations, and activities, I’m happy to help you plan a day that suits YOU.

2. Contract and Retainer
Once we have your date set, you’ll pay a 25% deposit to reserve the date. You’ll sign a short, simple, easy-to-read contract so that expectations are clearly laid out and minds are put at ease.

3. Plan Your Day
We’ll work together in the days/weeks/months leading up to your elopement to plan your perfect day. We’ll plan the location(s), timeline, and activities to ensure your day is magical, unique, and suited to your values and personality.

4. Have the Best Day Ever
The last thing you need to do is worry about photos. The only thing you need to do is enjoy your wedding date, and enjoy time with your spouse, and I’ll capture the photos that will preserve this moment in time forever. 

5. Receive Your Photos
I’ll have LOTS of photos to sift through and edit. The typical turnaround time is 4 weeks. You’ll receive a link to a digital gallery where you can view and download photos as you please, as well as order prints directly if you’d like to.

Oh, and I’ll send you a sneak peek of some of my favorite photos within a week of your elopement. 

6. Blast the World With Your Beautiful Photos
With your photos, you can start sharing them anywhere and everywhere. You can print them, however, you want (either through my online gallery or with your own printer).

I’ll likely create a blog post on my site documenting the day and sharing the photos through my own social channels as well, showing off how awesome your day was. 

F.A.Q.s When Working With a Florida Elopement Photographer

What About Engagement Sessions?
I’d love to do both your engagement session AND elopement. If you book both photoshoots, you’ll get a sweet discount. Plus, an engagement shoot is a perfect time to get comfortable around each other and even spend a bit of time talking about and planning the elopement. 

How Do You Edit Photos?
My goal with editing is to keep things as natural and timeless as possible. No crazy editing, artificial lighting, or over-saturated colors. I like to keep things bright and warm, authentic to the vibe of the location.

Are Photos Kept Safe?
You’ll have access to your online gallery indefinitely. The photos are stored here long after your elopement. They are also stored on a personal hard drive of mine. I would also recommend that you download them and store them both on a hard drive and in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). You can never be too safe. 

How Do You Pose?
I love capturing couples as they are. Natural, candid photos are my favorite. You’re getting married, after all. You’re going to be expressing so many emotions as it is, and I’m just there to capture these moments as they happen.

However, I will also recommend certain angles based on the lighting or backdrop. I don’t love overly posed photos, but there are certain images we’ll definitely work together to create. 

Are you feeling excited? I am too! I can’t wait to hear from you, and I certainly can’t wait to meet you and capture the photos you’ll cherish as keepsakes forever.

Send me a message so we can start planning, lock in a date, and get you married. 

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Day

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