Are you traveling to Longboat Key for vacation? It's one of the best spots on this side of Florida for a family trip. It's every bit as gorgeous as Anna Maria and Siesta Key nearby, with way fewer people crowding the beaches.

And one of the best things to do during your stay on the island is a family photo shoot. After all, regardless of how old your kids are, they're growing up fast. They'll never be this age again, so taking photos to capture and preserve this season of life is important.

And with a backdrop as beautiful as sugary-white sands and the emerald waters of the Gulf, these will be some of the most stunning photos you will ever take of your family. You'll look back on these for years and years to come.

Preserving Memories With Longboat Key Photographers

Longboat Key Photography Services

As a Longboat Key photographer, who lives just a few minutes away from this island, I get to do lots of different kinds of photoshoots here:

Family and Couples Sessions
Engagement Shoots
Weddings and Elopements

Click below for more specific details about the type of photo shoot you are most interested in, or scroll down to send me a message and book a shoot!

Kelsey Jaeger

Longboat Key Photographer

Hi, I'm Kelsey Jaeger, one of the most passionate Longboat Key photographers in the area, who lives just a few miles from beautiful Longboat Key.

I spend a lot of time here photographing families and couples (as well as neighboring Anna Maria Island).

You just can't beat the lighting here during the sunset. Plus there are plenty of areas with stunning greenery to provide a variety of different shots for your photo shoot. 

From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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"I just saw the photos, and I am in tears! Every. Single. picture is so incredible and captures us so wonderfully! We will forever treasure these images, my heart could burtst!
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!" 

"we will forever treasure these images, my heart could burst!"

St Pete, Fl

Nosco Family

There are a ton of gorgeous beach areas to take photos at on Longboat Key. I love the north end which is called Gibby Point on maps and is sometimes referred to as Beer Can Island.

It requires a bit of a walk, but it has public access and an undeveloped shoreline surrounded by nature. Along with amazing views, you get lots of dune grass and greenery, along with some rocks along the shore to create a variety of backdrops.

We can also head across the bridge to Anna Maria, where the are tons of great spots as well.

Send me a message using the form above and we can plan the perfect photo shoot depending on where you are staying, and what type of photos you are looking for!

Planning Your Longboat Key Photo Shoot

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