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Whether you are visiting the lovely beaches of Florida for vacation, or you call this beautiful place your home, there is always a reason to capture your family.

Jaeger Haus Photography specializes in timeless, candid family imagery for you to cherish for years to come.

Family Sessions

...if we choose to see them. 
Those seemingly ordinary moments always seem to be what we want to remember most. Your husband's crooked smile, slobbery kisses from your 6-month-old, and the mess when baking your favorite chocolate chip cookies together. Each family has a beautifully unique story to be told and capturing those moments is my favorite thing to do. 

Capturing what makes your family...yours. I specialize in the candid moments that truly showcase your family! 
We of course will get your nice posed family photos, but we will also capture all of the small moments that truly make up your family's story. 

I cannot wait to meet you!

When you are ready to lock in your date and location, you can send an inquiry here.

There are magical moments every day

Book a Family Session

Book a Family Session

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