So many couples forget to get engagement photos done. Or they don’t think they need to, since they’re going to have wedding photos done on their big day.

It’s true, you don’t need engagement photos. But countless couples have gotten married and regretted the fact that they skipped an engagement session.


Because you’re a different couple when you’re engaged. Yes, marriage is incredible and wedding days are beautiful. But when you’re engaged, you’re young and carefree. You’re more spontaneous. You’re overly affectionate. You can’t help but smile at each other. You still have butterflies. You laugh more. You crave each other. You want to be all over each other.

And it’s all of those emotions and feelings and moments that we get to capture during an engagement session. We get to capture how you felt about each other during this short season of your lives. 

While most couples rush through this season as fast as possible so they can get to their wedding day and move on, it’s the wise couple that slows down and takes time to savor how incredible it is to be engaged and to prepare for a life together. 

Capture Your Engagement


Hi, I'm Kelsey Jaeger 


A Bradenton engagement photographer. I’m passionate about capturing real, magical, authentic moments of crazy romance.

I just love capturing love and creating keepsakes that couples will cherish forever. And these are photos that will sit right next to your wedding photos for decades to come.

I’m not one for cheesy, awkward poses. I love natural, candid photos that capture the true energy and emotions of a couple.

From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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Engagement session investment - $475

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"I just saw the photos, and I am in tears! Every. Single. picture is so incredible and captures us so wonderfully! We will forever treasure these images, my heart could burtst!
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!" 

"we will forever treasure these images, my heart could burst!"

St Pete, Fl

Nosco Family

There are tons of spots in Bradenton that are perfect for engagement sessions. We can head to the beaches of Anna Maria or Longboat Key (which are the most popular spots), the crushed shell trails of Robinson Preserve, the tropical forest of Emerson Point, the Bradenton River Walk, or anywhere in between. 

Most of the time, I head to Bean Point (northern tip of Anna Maria Island) for the most magical photos on a stunning beach.

If you need help choosing a location, I'm happy to provide some suggestions based on what type of photos you're hoping to get. Send me a message below!

Bradenton Engagement Photo Locations


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